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Why Combining Immunotherapy Transplantation together with Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy

Immunotherapyation is a popular and effective therapy in treating kidney disease. And this is because those Immunotherapys can differentiate into the corresponding cells of damaged renal tissue. These new cells will help with repairing damaged ones or replacing cells that are irreversible. By this, there will be more functional cells available and maximally restores kidney function. the restoration of kidney function guarantees the elimination of exterior symptoms of kidney disease. All in all, the Immunotherapy transplantation therapy aims at repairing damaged cells and restoring renal function, and by this, the eliminating of symptoms like protein urine or hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease) will be eliminated. The principle of Immunotherapys transplantation therapy is in accordance with Micro-Chinese Medicine.
Micro-Chinese medicine has the curative effects like dilating blood vessels and thus promote the ischemia and anoxia situation of kidney tissues, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation as well as degrading excessively accumulated extracellular matrix, and finally repairs these damaged renal cells and the regain of renal function will be realized. In another word, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also focuses on repairing damaged renal tissue and the restoration of renal function in order to eliminate exterior symptoms.
These two methods can separately achieve the purpose of regaining renal function, then why the combination of these two methods is recommended by doctors of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital? and Where Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Firstly, the taking effect of Immunotherapyation needs some time. As we all know, the differentiation, proliferation of Immunotherapys is time-consuming as well as the repairing of damaged renal cells. Generally, this process takes approximately six months. And during this period the aggravation of damaged renal cells is still ongoing. That is why some patients can not feel obvious improvement after receiving this treatment, and for some patients whose illness condition aggravates quickly, the final result could be no improvement at all. The key of this problem is the ignorance of preventing the aggravation process. on the other hand, Micro-Chinese medicine can get the illness condition under control and create a favorable inner environment for the differentiation and proliferation of Immunotherapys. In addition, Micro-Chinese medicine can also provide materials necessary for the restoration of renal cells. So, the combination of Chinese medicine with Immunotherapys transplantation will guarantee a more efficient curative effect.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD
Secondly, the application of Micro-Chinese Medicine can gradually repair these damaged renal cells and restore renal function, but a long-term treatment is also needed. In order to guarantee a more efficient curative effect, doctors in our hospital usually recommend the combination of these two methods.

Last but not least, for patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease, the application of Micro-Chinese medicine is not optional but necessary. This is because that new renal cells differentiated from Immunotherapys can only repair damages caused by cyst pressure but can not prevent the growing of these cysts or in another word, can not eliminate the origin of damages.

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