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Why Do Some People with Chronic Kidney Disease Have Renal Anemia

As a person with Chronic Kidney Disease, do you have symptoms such as fatigue, pale face, hard breath or palpitation? If you have, then you may have renal anemia. Well then, do you know in which situation renal anemia will appear and why do you have this symptom?
Anemia(Anemia and Kidney Disease) means the concentration of hemoglobin in peripheral blood lower than the normal value and anemia caused by different kinds of kidney diseases is called renal anemia. Renal anemia usually appears in the period of renal insufficiency, which can be caused by both acute kidney disease and Chronic Kidney Disease. As to people with Chronic Kidney Disease, normally, when their secrum creatinine value outnumbers 308umol/L (3.5mg/dl), renal anemia appears.
Renal anemia caused by Chronic Kidney Disease contains the following several pathological changes: Gopal Chandra Basak, Anemia, Hypertension, Diabetic Nephropathy Does Anemia Possibly Occur for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients
◆ Decrease of erythrogenin
Erythrogenin which is secreted by liver and kidney can promote the generation of red blood cells. As kidneys are damaged, generation of red blood cells will reduce correspondingly, which will lead to the occurrence of renal anemia.
◆ Truncated life span of red blood cells Kidney Failure With Severe Anemia
Since our kidneys are damaged, then large amount of toxic substances can not be excreted smoothly, resulting in the accumulation of them in our body. Through different ways, these toxic substances do harms to red blood cells and consequently, red blood cells die quickly and cause renal anemia there with.
◆ Increased loss of red blood cells Stage 5 Chronic Renal Failure and Anemia Diagnosis
It is known to all that people with Chronic Kidney Disease usually have hematuria which means the red blood cell in urine outnumbers the amount that we should have in our daily life. With aggravation of Chronic Kidney Disease, more and more red blood cells are lost and as a result, renal anemia appears.

Renal anemia is just a symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease when which run to a certain degree, so if we want to relive or remove renal anemia radically, receiving effective treatment is root solution for us. This is the basic information about renal anemia and if you want to know more, please email to me or consult our consultant online, we will try our best to help you.

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